About us

Meftun Bayar

I have started casino bussines İn 1988.i have been working many countries as a casino worker and casino operator.i have gathered and operated casino licence in many countries.the year 2004 started to sell equipments.in 2005 have been attend the casino management course at Nevada university USA.

We are able to supply with any kind of equipment relating to gaming field according to a customer’s project or developing our design.

Many yeras of multicultural experince bring out the quality and innovative solutions of equipment and and management advice. We are constantly improving our products and services by taking into consideration and adapting to the slightest changes in customers needs and preferences, as well as keeping our eye on the latest market and technology trends.
Yours sincerely,

Meftun Bayar

Managing Director & Co-Owner


We will continue to be a profitable, ethical, market driven company. Consistently providing exceptional styling, service, value and quality. The dignity, integrity and value of our customers and employees will always be honored, while acknowledging our responsibility to the environment and the community.